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Being a man who greatly appreciates this planet and finds the thought of facing extinction within a few generations extremely alarming I thought I would come off the glossy consumerist teat of new gadgets and look at new technologies that are looking to tackle climate change. Okay so the outlook is bleak, running out of fuel, food, water, ice and common decency these days with the ever growing influx of human kind, all 7+ billion of us and mainly the rise of the middle class in developing nations are all wannabe little Americans, which is bad news for us Europeans who fundamentally started it all.

In the vast subject of global warming/extinction of life as we know it in the universe there are fortunately quite a few people doing something about it and not just arguing and sitting idly by. New technologies are seeping in to the market, we have already seen allot of building insulation measures, low energy light bulbs and a few people putting solar panels on their roofs which is certainly a beginning on the road to the right track. However putting the issues of global warming and existing technologies aside it’s now time too look at some suggested ideas to combat carbon emissions.

Eco lamp posts that look futuristic and green is an interesting idea that has come from LA in the picture above, very contemporary and no need for them to be attached to the grid besides being able to turn them on and off. This kind of technology has been around for a little while but if green tech is made to look good then there is a stronger chance of the masses adopting and investing in such technologies, desirability is key! Another example can be seen where large scale infrastructure is evolving to combat climate change in an exciting adaptation of exiting technology; Concentrated Solar Power, explained below.

Electric cars have been coming on leaps and bounds and general fuel efficiency of modern vehicles in comparison to their predecessors even in the last 20 years has been staggering and extremely commendable. Other suggestions in the dawn of the end have yielded some far out scifi sounding ideas, such as vertical farming, carbon sequestration, efficient helix wind turbines, biomass energy, smart meters in homes and many more upcoming solutions.

A crazy suggestion that one day maybe far more valuable than gold mines is to buy former landfill sites, when the oil runs out you bet who ever is sitting on vast amounts of recyclable materials will make a pretty penny in the world of the morrow. You may think we are crazy now but if you look at the current trajectory of international trends there are big problems that will lay ahead, if we don’t untie to solve these problems then we will meet to fight for what Earth has left. The unification of greater processing power, human innovation and evolving technologies backed by sufficient political and social will is the best chance we have to save ourselves and our children.

Good evening and good will to all humans alike!


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One thought on “Green Genius!

  1. Isis says:

    Hey! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back often!

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