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A day in the life… of everybody!

Lullatone. Japanese-based band creating the most ambient of music for the modern bandcamp-active generation.

This music, musically, touches on times when things never really mattered. When you were young, first discovering the joys of walking. Which turned to running. which turned to falling over. You’d cry for 5 seconds, then forget why you’re crying and start over.

This titles for each track suggests situations in life, and the music it would be attached to. Such as ‘checking things off a t0-do list’… ‘The kind of song you make up when you’re bored’…

Perfect working music. Peaceful sleeping music. Inlfuential Ambience. Cuppa ‘T’ in ‘Tranquil’.

Lullatone – Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures.



Some Awesomeness+

Something that we forgot to inform all you lovely people about was that the awesomeness doesn’t just end here on Jabberingattheworld! The Neox has two YouTube accounts and can be found on Twitter. Our beloved Superher0es can also be found on YouTube and Twitter as well!!

PlayNeox:- on Twitter and YouTube Accounts 1 & 2

Superher0es:- on TwitterYouTube & Superher0es DJ label DJ’s Don’t Dance






Additional Content for Yull! Peace out!


I ain’t got the blues no more I said.

Picture Noel Fielding jamming in an A Reg car, a Jamaican bunny cruising in Puppet Jamaica and you have Mint Royale.

I first  heard Mint Royale with their Sexiest Man in Jamaica track being played out to 250,000 party-goers in Brighton, courtesy of Fatboy Slim. Big Beat Electronic music has ever sounded like so much fun!

All this music makes me want to do is dance. I never dance. This is in itself quite something. To be honest I don’t even blog about music, but since only just discovering the song ‘Blue Song’, I felt a powerful urge to share this brilliant band with the rest of the world.

Apparently, well rumour has it, that people get confused with the music of Mint Royale to belong to Fatboy Slim. ‘Take it Easy’ is probably the only track to sound mildly like Fatboy Slim…But really?

I almost feel privileged to be a late bloomer as a Mint Royale fan, as I have many songs to now divulge and drown myself in to satisfy my musical tastes.

Right well, I’m off to whack all this on my iPod. If you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to Mint Royale, I suggest a purchase of “Pop Is…” and listen to the whole album. Pure Funky/house/electro genius!

It’s been a few years since we’ve seen any new Mint Royale. Fingers crossed on something soon!




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