BIG Screens are coming!

HTC comes out of nowhere with a blinder, behold the HTC J Butterfly! Corr blimey look at it, she’s a looker..

HTC seem to have left other companies to make their fruit cocktail of names and the aim here is to rise above the rest with a serious piece of kit!  First the upsetting news, it’s only coming out in Japan to begin with but if this phone is as good as it looks and brings HTC back from the brink expect to see this device in a store near you soon!

The first 5 inch device to sport  Super LCD 3 display with a groundbreaking 1st: 1080 x 1920 – 1080p full HD screen on a smartphone of its comparable size. Still pumping out the tunes with Beats Audio and running Android’s Jelly Bean 4.1, we are certainly liking it thus far. 8MP camera, 1.5GHz quad Snapdragon processor, Micro SD slot, 2GB RAM,  4G of course and NFC.

Thus the war on big bezels has truly begun, edge to edge displays are definitely the way of the future, we are just a tad concerned about the battery life of the Butterfly but Moore’s Law is relentless! 2013 shall bring us plenty more technological delights to keep us Jabbering for a long time but we look forward to the day when this comes our way:


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Kick start an idea with Kickstarter

I’m shocked I haven’t heard of these guys sooner. Hell, my lecturer was even shocked that I’d never heard of them…

Kickstarter. If you want to generate funding for a creative idea or project that you’d like to get off the ground, then this IS the way to do it!

Kickstarter Logo

This ‘crowd sourcing’ funding platform is soon to be featured in a future report of mine, in regards to creating a new funding idea for a West Midlands business. Had I’d heard of this sooner this would have featured in many more reports! It’s my own fault – I can only blame myself.

Well, with this self-loathing out the way, I can now sit back and rejoice in the knowledge that this platform exists and is out there to help combat recessions and cuts in art funding. No longer will project leaders need to look towards governments and depleting charities as a main source of income. This way the funding comes from people who have a strong interest in a specific product, who feel they can invest directly in to something they feel strongly and passionately about.

I suppose one downside is… why? Why should average-joe-internet-users feel obliged to put in their limited disposable income to projects that may or may not benefit them? Incentives would have to play a major part here. An incentive such as a form of recognition, or perhaps receiving a gift or product related whatever is being funded?

Recent news-entrant ‘Haunts: The Manse Macabre’ has felt the the pressures of keeping there promises, after achieving their funding goal and not being able to deliver funders what they had expected (albeit due to production promises – and they have apologised to everyone financially involved). Therefore there are risks involved from a funder’s perspective.

Despite the negatives (of which there are very few) Kickstarter is a fantastic platform and is certainly the way to the future. Once it kicks off in the UK in big style, it will certainly turn many heads in the world of commerce.


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Tablet Wars

In the beginning there was the Kindle, in the future who knows what all us techy consumers will be presented with..

Rumours, Rumours Everywhere But What To Believe?

This would be an epic addition to the Apple Line up and will hopefully be priced a bit more competitively but come on is it even going to phase the current King; the Nexus 7? Here at JabberingAtTheWorld we are dubious following the iPhone5 release and wait with baited breath to see what Tim Cook announces but we think if it does come out it’ll be in time for Christmas to maximize sales. (Click the pic)

To any consumers in the market for a 7 inch Tablet we still advocate the Nexus 7 above all the current competition or if you want to go the whole hog and got the money we still think the New iPad/iPad3 is still the best bet. The bench mark has been set with the Nexus 7 so it’ll be interesting to see what Apple has to offer.

Lets hope if the Apple iPad Mini rumours are true that there are allot of hardware advantages at a similar price to the Nexus 7. Mainly a rear high definition camera, crystal clear graphics and running on ios6 with perhaps a screen that is over 7 inches? We hope that the Mini iPad doesn’t have the Nexus 7’s problem, the humongous bezel, we need edge to edge tablet screens Tim! Can they do it? Only Tim will tell. As always check back for updates and interdependent non bias reviews of all the latest and greatest gadgets on the market. Thanks for reading.


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4G – Too Fast, Too Furious?

And so here it is. 4G. It was always ‘just around the corner’ and now it’s finally arrived in all it’s speedy glory. Not that any of us can actually receive it as of yet, unless you’re on an EE monthly plan… Which… Aren’t available just yet. (Baffles me, they’ve “launched” the service, yet their website still reads “Give us your e-mail address and we’ll let you know”)

But is this really something we’ve come to ‘need’ at this point in time? Internet available on our phones has only recently just passed from ‘gimmick’ to ‘necessity’, however there are still plenty of areas in this country that can’t receive 3G, or even 2G! Remember 2G? That’s the annoying thing that happens when 3G doesn’t work – pain in the arse isn’t it.


So anyway, 3G, yes it’s been around for quite a while now. I guess we are due a new technology right about now, and yes it is going to deliver, from the sound of it, quite exceptional internet speeds to our handheld devices. But do these handheld devices really need it?

Yes, it most likely will rid the dreaded ‘buffering’ symbol from our YouTube videos forever! But doesn’t 3G already handle video buffering at a steady pace already? I don’t think I can recall a moment when I have had to buffer a 3G-equipped video on my iPhone or Android? (Not that I ever really do it – damn data costs – but that’s a different story).

4G is just going to be the angry dog that’s pulling at the master’s leash trying to run for it, while the master grips tightly and goes along at their own steady pace.

Then I suppose it would be great for downloading – films and games would be downloaded in seconds rather than minutes (or hours), not that we don’t already have home broadband to do this for us.  I assume broadband is pretty much everywhere now? I know fibre optic certainly isn’t, but alas that’s the way of the world now. Technology is improving before we’re perfecting it.

I know this is a ‘moany-old-sod’ style blog today. More likely when 4G is in our grips I’ll have a completely different view on the matter. But just brace yourself for a (likely to be) expensive and frankly, unusable data connection service. Wait for the NEXT generation of phones to be released (iPhone 5s/6?) and we’ll start seeing something really pretty.


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The Mars rover successfully landed last month on the surface of the Red Planet, after the guys at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory had their 7 minutes of terror descent. Nail biting stuff but luckily the rover survived the engineering ordeal, which is summed up in the video below and has recently been sending back some interesting photos of the alien landscape.

There are many different ways to keep up with the progress of the Mars rover on Twitter, Facebook and via an interesting 3rd party website. Loads of fascinating images, pictures and information that really gets the inner explorer addicted and hungry for more.

Curiosity may have killed the cat but luckily its only looking for traces of life from pre-human times, which if anything if it gets lucky  may just stumble across some microscopic fossilised remains in the samples it will be taking, hopefully answering the question once and for all: ‘Are we Alone in the Universe?’ The experiments will soon be getting underway and so far and all instrument tests have been successful an instruments reported as operational, including the successful test fire of the laser that will be used to analyse rock minerals. When the rover gets into full swing i’m sure there will be allot of media attention over any new significant scientific discoveries, so we are going to have to wait and see what Curiosity will find.

I have found that one of the most inspiring things about the whole mission so far are some of the the images it has been sending back from our closest neighbor. The two main images that have caught my attention are the picture that shows how far Curiosity has traveled across the martian planet and the second shows the alien landscape in high quality.

Straight out of a Star Trek Episode:


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