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Twitter School

At Jabber HQ we’re always trying to think up new and innovating new blogs to ‘journalise’ for you. Often we trawl through technological news features (as this is our main area of interest) while being careful not to just repeat fact and information and actually throw you our opinion and what impact this could have culturally and socially. It’s also not always WHAT someone says, but what they DON’T say.

I’m terribly sorry, I’m starting to sound like a university media lecturer, my bad.

We want to throw at you some ideas for how the world of tomorrow can operate. The way of the world is advancing, and advancing at a rapidly rapid rate at that! Ergo, here’s a rather genius idea for how the education system of tomorrow may function.



Yes, it’s exactly that. Dedicated Twitter accounts for students and teachers, to be online at planned times to tweet ideas and concepts to students, who could then tweet discussions back and forward around the twitter space/twitter classroom to create, perhaps, a discourse which is both controlled and saved for everyone to look back upon it.

While this idea is rather untamed and has quite fundamental drawbacks, it could potentially be used out-of-hours to encourage and engage with those who want to study ideas further and develop their understanding.

If I were a teacher, I would definitely attempt to trial this idea and see how much of a response there is. This is certainly a perfect idea in the world of college and university and can certainly encourage those who may often feel it hard to voice their opinions in a real-life classroom to speak up and let themselves be heard (or read).

Food for thought – Twitter School.


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Kick start an idea with Kickstarter

I’m shocked I haven’t heard of these guys sooner. Hell, my lecturer was even shocked that I’d never heard of them…

Kickstarter. If you want to generate funding for a creative idea or project that you’d like to get off the ground, then this IS the way to do it!

Kickstarter Logo

This ‘crowd sourcing’ funding platform is soon to be featured in a future report of mine, in regards to creating a new funding idea for a West Midlands business. Had I’d heard of this sooner this would have featured in many more reports! It’s my own fault – I can only blame myself.

Well, with this self-loathing out the way, I can now sit back and rejoice in the knowledge that this platform exists and is out there to help combat recessions and cuts in art funding. No longer will project leaders need to look towards governments and depleting charities as a main source of income. This way the funding comes from people who have a strong interest in a specific product, who feel they can invest directly in to something they feel strongly and passionately about.

I suppose one downside is… why? Why should average-joe-internet-users feel obliged to put in their limited disposable income to projects that may or may not benefit them? Incentives would have to play a major part here. An incentive such as a form of recognition, or perhaps receiving a gift or product related whatever is being funded?

Recent news-entrant ‘Haunts: The Manse Macabre’ has felt the the pressures of keeping there promises, after achieving their funding goal and not being able to deliver funders what they had expected (albeit due to production promises – and they have apologised to everyone financially involved). Therefore there are risks involved from a funder’s perspective.

Despite the negatives (of which there are very few) Kickstarter is a fantastic platform and is certainly the way to the future. Once it kicks off in the UK in big style, it will certainly turn many heads in the world of commerce.


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