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A Thin(g) of Beauty!

Yes the new iMac has been showcased by Apple today! And the new-fresh-looking iMac is available to see in all its glory on the Apple site RIGHT NOW!

You’d think it’d be the same iMac with just a slightly thinner screen. But you’d be wrong to think so. Dealing in all manner of percentages – The energy used is half what it used to be. Less reflectivity. More cores. More powerful. More storage.

Making things certainly come better in smaller packages!

The 21.5 inch piece of paper… I mean iMac comes out during November, with it’s wider/longer brother appearing a month later in December.

We suggest you get on the Apple website right now and check this beauty out!

The rumors were true, kudos PlayaNeox! They did have a little more to show us, after catching some reviews and having a play in the local Apple store we intend to give this little beaut a full review:


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