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Meanwhile in Japan..

One day I want to live in Japan or South Korea, fair enough I would be a relative lumbering giant and have to learn a crazy new language but oh my days they are so much more technologically advanced than us in Europe! White Magic, white pixels for a better image really does give these crazy thin displays and amazing look, how much do I want one right now!

It is really worth noting to all you Jabber readers out there DigInfoNews is a really great cutting edge YouTube channel and is well worth following. Great reporters are never supposed to reveal their sources but in the liberal online collective community we at JabberingAtTheWorld hold true to the collective philosophy! 4 The of Science

More connectivity at a touch and innovative ideas are plenty, like:

But back to Britain with a bump where most of us including myself are waiting of fiber optic broad band, 4G to not be such a unbelievable rip off and always get newest gadgets after everyone else we seem to be getting there slowly but surely. I suppose it could be worse, at least we also have an abundance of talented people in Great Britain!


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